1905 Ross Rifle Function Test

It’s New Years weekend and the armory is slow. So it’s a perfect time to get something off my to-do list. Today I am function testing the US marked 1905 Ross Rifle. Caliber 303.

When we initially purchased this gun, Freeze had to tear the weapon down and repair multiple cracks inside and out. He used a very strong epoxy compound.

So…let’s see if the crack repairs hold and check the action for function!

18 degrees. Windchill hovering around 8 degrees. Just the way I like it!

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Marky Mark

Marky Mark

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  • 15 Rounds through the Ross and nobody got a bolt to the face! Yay me!


    • Fred

      that always makes for a great day.

  • Brennen Munro

    You made me laugh with the observation that the .303 has some oomph to it! Most folks do not realize that the .303 has been used to take every game animal in North America up to and including Grizzly & Polar Bears, and many different animals in Africa as well. I wonder if some of that thinking came about because surplus rifles and ammunition could be had for next to nothing for so long here in the USA…

    I am also happy that you did not start off the new year with a case of “bolt face”, because even if the rifle was built in 1905, steel was still hard that year! Yay you Marky!


    • Any day without bolt-face is a good day.



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