.22LR Martini-Henry Rifle

I have been on a Martini- Henry kick the past year. I blame the movies Zulu and Zulu Dawn. As such, I have been paying more attention to them online. And I have been keeping an eye out should I run across an example in person. I spied this recently on the gun rack. It’s a Martini-Henry rifle in 22. Appears to have been converted from military surplus?


The dealer tells me the owner brought this rifle with him when he emigrated to the United States some years ago. Apparently he used to be a competitive .22 shooter of some sort. But now for the bad news. This rifle is in rough shape. Actually, terrible shape. Wood is cracked. It seems like it is falling apart. And when you scope the barrel, it looks like a 3rd world sewer — Yes, I speak from personal experience, don’t ask. Too bad these competitive 22 shooters never clean their barrels. Which is how this ended being trashed.


Neat gun. Would be fun to have in 22. But damn! It’s a bloody wreck and the owner isn’t living in the real world regarding asking price. Maybe if he had just cleaned it once in a while I would be writing a different story. But as it sits now, I would give $50 for it. So down the road I went.



Do you have a favorite 22 rifle? Feel free to post some examples below.




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  • Brennen Munro

    I do not own an Anshutz, or a Sako, or even a CZ in .22lr, but I do still have a Marlin model 60 that I am surprised by just how accurate it is! I take it to the range every now and then to insure that it is still holding it’s zero, this way when I do get to go rabbit hunting I will not embarrass myself anymore than what trying to hit a rabbit with a rifle would usually bring. For being a very budget minded rifle, the model 60 has proven itself to be more than enough to harvest any of the small game that reside in this area of the country and that is why I purchased it. I wanted my son to have a .22lr that he could hunt with when he was still small and young, he is now 29 years old and 6’4″! But this is my favorite, even after he has grown and moved to distant lands!

    • 22’s have a consistent habit if devloping stickiness and sentiment. Darn things!!!!