Blaser R8. GRS Ragnarok. J. Sip & Sons Barrel.

30MOA Scope Base

As stated in December, I will be focusing more on precision rifle shooting in 2021. The only thing not normal about this is I haven’t shot much precision rifle in 2020. COVID schedules and all that kind of thing. 

So…Blaser R8. Steiner Military Scope. 30MOA base. Why? Simple. The Blasers are switch calibers so the scope won’t always be sitting on a 25-800y chambering. 

Blaser R8. GRS Ragnarok. J. Sip & Sons Barrel.

Installed the rings after 30 MOA Base assembled.

J. Sip & Sons not only sent us a 7.5×55 barrel, but also a 300PRC barrel. I don’t know what the theoretical max engagement distances of 300PRC is. But I suspect it’s closer to 338LM than 300WM. 

Our range is limited to 700 max right now. But that will change. Additionally we do occasionally shoot at longer ranges off property.

Why not 20MOA then? Well…a zero MOA base wasn’t allowing me to zero at 100 yards. Which isn’t unusual in reality. Many rifle, scope, base, ring combinations don’t give the user an optically centered adjustment range at zero MOA. 

Blaser R8. GRS Ragnarok. J. Sip & Sons Barrel.

Ring and base screws each require their own torque setting.

Some will disagree with this observation citing mechanical scope “theory”. But I have put scopes on enough rifles over the last 25 years to say confidently that theory and reality are brothers from a different mother. This is normal. 

But back to the, “20MOA thought?”. The answer is simple. We had the 30MOA in hand and figured it was worth a try. So far we are zeroing 100 yards near the bottom of the adjustment range, and have a whole mess of MILS above that. All the better to reach out at extended distances. 

Blaser R8. GRS Ragnarok. J. Sip & Sons Barrel.

30MOA Scope base installed. “ME” marking on barrel is a Blaser bolt head designation for 7.5×55.

“But what about theoretical scope clarity near optical center?”. [Pun alert one] I’m not seeing it. And I suspect in modern, higher-end glass it’s a non issue. Look, I am not saying this setup is best and final. [Pun alert 2] We will keep “an eye on it” and reserve the right to tear it all apart, if I change my mind. 

We are not a gear reviewers. And you shouldn’t look at anything we do as guidance or training. This is just documenting what is going on in the armory and on our ranges. 





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