338 Lapua Rifle KaBoom.

Here are some photos of a Savage 338 Lapua that suffered a catastrophic failure when the user, finding his brass cases were sticking in the chamber, was using cleaning rod to push them out. It is my understanding that this user was quite experienced and just had a “brain fart” and forgot what he was doing.


The shooter was described as greatly stunned and having some slight damage to of his arms. But otherwise all right. It is also being reported that some pieces from this explosion pierced the roof over the shooting position. That is some serious energy that, in my opinion, could have killed anyone of his fellow shooters; or himself.


The lesson is no matter how experienced or tab-checked you are, people default to their level of training. We are not trained to check the muzzle after every shot of a modern centerfire weapon. Something goes wrong, Mr. Murphy is apt to pay you a visit. –Marky




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