5 Seconds is a Long Time

  • In the snow. 
  • Draw concealed. 
  • New cover garment. 
  • 5 second par time. 
  • 5-10-15-20-25-30 yards. 
  • B/C zone IPSC target 


Target note: we have this set at 35 degrees so it’s shorter on the vertical than a flat steel target. 



IMO, this drill accomplishes quite a bit. 

-Draw concealed.

-Draw under time pressure.

-Implementing Speed vs Accuracy

-Distance Shooting 

-Time management: what does 5 seconds feel like slow and when rushed? 


This last skill carries over to long guns very well! Most shooters don’t have a mental connection between running the gun and running the clock. Don’t dismiss this ability. 






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