80 Dollars For a Mirage Band?

With the 1000 yard range project coming along swimmingly, we will be stretching out some of our hotter rounds a little more frequently. And with that shooting, some heat. Specifically mirage.

Where a Mirage Band Goes.

Both my Blaser R8 and Tactical 2 barrels come with threaded attachment points for mirage bands. Blaser branded mirage bands. And as you might well know, Blaser is German for bust out another $1000. Ok. Maybe it doesn’t mean that. What do I know? I studied Russian and Spanish in school.

Over $80 dollars when all said and done.

But shooting 338 Lapua and 300WM, on higher magnifications, with higher round counts, tends to throw some heat. So…figured I better break down and buy a mirage band. Turns out, the Blaser branded band is…wait for it…$80!!!

Uh, no. I can take the $2k barrels. I can take the $240 Tac magazines. Hell…I can even take the $500-700 R8 combo magazines / trigger groups! AKA…the world’s most expensive magazine. But $80 for a mirage band? No way!

Camp Perry Mirage Band Selection.

Reached out to a major US dealer who has probably been sitting on a Blaser mirage band for 15 years with no inquiries and tried to make a deal. No go. Not even a counter. He wouldn’t budge. So…off to Camp Perry I went. And look what I found?


High quality mirage bands for…wait for it…$8.

Let me spell that out in english: Eight…bucks. And Camp Perry isn’t known for it’s bargain basement prices!

“Some people’s children, Rick”.




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  • Over time, people most likely won’t remember the words that were said. But they will always remember how you made them feel.

    I understand brand.
    I understand MSRP pricing.
    I understand quality.
    I understand you get what you pay for.
    I undertand niche.

    But I also understand consumer behavior. People don’t want to feel like they’re being taken advantage of.


    • Gary Tompkins

      Maybe the guy selling it on the internet originally miss placed the decimal point. Then said, I can make more money this way besides I already hit send and can’t fix it. Hahaha

      • He is a character. That’s for sure.


  • MC

    YES! I don’t mind spending my hard earned cash on plenty of things i don’t “need”. I definitely have more firearms, scopes, ammo, etc….than i may actually ever REALLY use with the free time i have and the years i have left (crossing my fingers for plenty). But a $75 (+ shipping) mirage band for my LRS was a little to much for me as well. I ended up finding a guy on eBay from Finland (i think) going by the brand Vertebrae and they had some nice bands for about $22 shipped (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vertebrae-Mirage-Band-/282620576878?var=&hash=item41cd7fc46e).
    Although I like the price of the ones you found much better.
    Do you know if they have an online store?


    • I am sure they do. But I don’t recall what the name of the vendor was. They are at Perry every year and have the same setup in the same building. So I just always kinda run into them. I looked at the Vertebrae stuff as well. I have a few of their products already.