Accidentally Bought a BREN Parts Kit

Freeze and I were looking at an auction on a machine gun when the subject of BREN’s came up.

We saw this deactivated / display gun at a crazy low price. I suspect it was being ignored since it was competing with functioning weapons.

So at the minimum price, we figured what the hell? I’ll take it for that. So a bid was placed not believing we would actually win it.

A week later the auction house reaches out and, shockingly, gives us the news. We won it. For a fraction of its value!

Now the question: what the hell are we going to do with a non-functioning display gun in an armory full of working weapons?

I know. Not a “real” problem. I’m just stunned it’s even here.



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  • The more I think about it, the more likely I am going to check and see if a semi-auto build is possible.


    • Mikial

      Even if it isn’t, an actual, if demilled, BREN is a pretty cool display piece. Lot’s of history behind that gun.

      • I am currently looking for a company to see if a semi-auto conversion is possible.


  • guns2317

    Ok, the Bren is an all time classic. What a superb display piece to have. I would not feel in the least bit bad about having it.

    NOW….if you guys pull off a semi-auto conversion – EPIC!

    Regardless, nice find. Bravo.

    • Thanks! It would be epic to convert it. Personally, I think it’s 50/50 on it being eligible. I am sure the people who put it together did so thinking it’s life would be spent as a display and not a functioning firearm.

      I’ll keep you updated.


  • Brennen Munro

    I am not going to say much… because I would really enjoy having that thing behind my desk to admire on a daily basis! What an incredible piece of history you guys picked up. I got to shoot one many years ago. When set up and tuned it was a very solid auto rifle!