Actual Kennedy – Oswald Ammo.

Years ago I bought a box of reloading stuff. It was a mismatched batch of powder, bullets, some dies and other what nots. In the box was several plastic cases of reloaded 30-06, and one box of 6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano ammo. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but found it a bit strange that it was made by Winchester for the military. I tossed it on a shelf and forgot about it.

6.5 Mannlicher-Caracno ammunition made in the US.

Fast forward a few years and I rediscovered the 6.5 ammo and decided to look into it. I was not sure why Winchester was making it but we do give a lot of stuff away to foreign governments. While doing some digging, I came across some references to the Warren Report about President Kennedy’s assassination. I’m thinking to myself Oswald did use a Carcano. And while I was reading on it, they started mentioning Manufacture, ORD numbers and lot numbers.

6.5 Mannlicher-Caracno Ammunition. Notice the lot number.

I was totally amazed to find out, I was holding a box of ammo that came from the same lot that Oswald used. Some may find it a bit creepy, but the history buff in me finds it very interesting and a pretty cool item to have.

Images of Oswald Ammunition from the Warren Commission

Would I go out and look for it to buy? NOPE! But since it came my way thru fate, I’m really happy to have it.


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  • Mikial

    Great find, and actually, that’s pretty significant. I love history, and whether the item in question was used by a bad guy or a good guy, it is a part of history that shaped the world in which we live. So, I don’t think it’s creepy at all, although it is a bit chilling to think of that day. I was in elementary school; in art class to be precise, and the principal came into the room and told us the president had been assassinated. School was closed immediately and we were all sent home. I spent the next few days off from school, home alone because my parents worked, watching the continuous network coverage on our black and white TV. It was a pivotal moment in American history and there is still a lot of speculation as to who did what and why.

    A few years ago I was talking to a friend who owned a pawn shop, and I looked down to a low shelf behind the counter and saw two loaded Garand clips of ammo just lying there. I asked what he was going to do with that, and he grinned and said, “Sell it to you if you want it.” I looked at it and found that it was 1942 issue military ammunition, and promptly bought both loaded clips for $3.

    Never pass up a chance for something that might turn out to be truly significant to those of us who love our country and its history. I’ll save my story of the box of 1918 horse gas mask bags I found at a garage sale for .25 cents apiece for another time. 😉

    • You are Freeze’s brother from another mother….



  • Conner

    I agree wholeheartedly. Although they have very little monetary value (which was a surprise to me at the time) I have the same model Carcano that was used by Ozwald. The Carcano was said to be a junk rifle until that long distant precision shot was made by that scumbag. My Dad had owned it for years. It’s story is very eerie. Many items in our collections have been used against us. He also passed down a bring back model ’97 Arisaka sniper 6.5. That’s kinda…very eerie too when you think about it. We wouldn’t have Mosins, AK’s, Mausers or anything Hitler if we collectors all didn’t have a hunger for any significant good or evil history. I just came into a large buy from a friends collection. There is some awesome Russian Night vision scopes included. One is for a Draganov and it’s as long as my arm. Your find is awesome Freeze. I also collect old ammo. I’d love to have one of those boxes. Collecting anti -tank stuff? Your collection is one to be envied but that can’t be cheap. Mikial, your find is very cool as well. Take care guys.

    • Freeze

      Collecting can be costly. Some items are stupid expensive but then again, sometimes you score on some nice things at a real good price. Thats all part of the fun for me. As for the history. I don’t dwell on the creepy factor. I know that most of my guns have killed people in the past, if that sort of thing bothers someone then milsurp collecting is not for them. Different strokes as they say. I choose to enjoy my finds and not get sucked into the minutiae of negative aspects of history. History is what it is and good or bad can’t be changed.

    • You can say many things about the JFK shooting. “Long range” isn’t on if then. Not even close. That’s Hollywood BS.

      I could teach your grandmother to make that shot in about 5 minutes.