Armory Chat 08 Trump & NATO

The media is lying about Donald Trump’s comments about NATO.

Also, a special appearance is made by my Glock 17 GEN 4 FDE.

“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

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  • Scot Prehn

    Wish Trump would put into words what you did… if he talked about the issues in detail people might come around, and those that don’t would sound like loons going on about old news…

    And if he has, i haven’t seen it put like this by him… can you point to where i can watch?

    • He did talk about it. It’s just the media spins it into some drama because it’s a more salacious headline.

      It’s called media bias.


  • Mikial

    The mainstream media lies about pretty much everything, so no surprise that they lie about what trump said. understand that the Liberals and the media are near apoplexy over their girl’s major loss and the end of the liberal dominance of our government . . . at least for now. We need to take advantage of this moment and this revolution and make hay while the sun shines, to quote one of those hillbilly, redneck farmer sayings the Left ridicules so much.

    • I agree. Trump and the R’s in Congress need to run the score up over the next two years.