Armory Chat 26 – Old Guy Air Guns

By popular demand, here is a close up of the GAMO 640 rifle we use for deprivation around the armory buildings. And a bonus, the very first gun I ever owned. The Red Ryder BB Gun my father gave me when I was 8 years old.




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  • Yes, my very first gun makes an appearance in this video. And for those curious, I am speaking from experience regarding deprivation, 22LR, and not wanting to shoot it at buildings. Probably 10 years ago, a 22LR round passed straight through a gutter down spout doing deprivation.


    Those little animal bones will deflect a 40 grain 22 round pretty significantly.


  • Daniel, God is my judge

    We had to make do with what we had on the farm. 22 single shot and bb caps or cb caps. 22bb caps are 18 grains and travel at about 700fps, no powder, just the primer I think.Very little noise.

    • Freeze

      Daniel, I have on old zip gun that uses 22bb caps. I should try to dig it up. I have had it sine i was a kid. It was made in Italy (i believe).

      • Honesty…I have no idea what you two are talking about? Primers to launch BB’s? Never heard of that.

        I’d like to see it.