Armory Chat 27 – Trump Disappoints at NRA Convention

So President Trump is the first sitting President to attend the NRA meeting since Ronald Reagan. While I applaud the symbolism, we need more action. And frankly, the President really missed an opportunity here.



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  • I think Trump really dropped the ball in his NRA speech. He could have at least talked aspirationally about where “we” want to do in regards to the Second Amendment. Much like Kennedy talking about going to the moon, he could have at least mentioned what he plans to have happen. Or wishes to happen.

    Major miss on his part. Major, major miss. And what makes it even more frustrating, he’s no dummy. He knows how the game is played. He could have addressed just one of these examples and brought down the house.

    Instead…we get a photo-op. Great. We won’t even get that after 2018.


    • Scot Prehn

      Why? Because he got what he wanted from showing up. Most 2A supporters will be happy he’s not Hillary, and he went. Most 2A haters will flip their lid that he dared to go. Why give more now? He wouldn’t get much from it politically. If i have learned anything from watching him it’s that he’s a master at controlling the scene… even his mistakes (or what i think are mistakes) often steer things in a direction he probably wanted them to go leaving me wondering “Did he mean to do that?”

      • At the end of the day, success tends to shut up one’s critics. He is winning. A lot. Perhaps it was on purpose? I don’t claim to know. But my feelings that it was a missed opportunity with little political downside still stand.

        But I am not White House staff.


  • Conner

    I have to agree. However, I don’t put all the blame on Trump. I don’t believe he is savvy to all our issues. Not making excuses but I believe this to be true. As a lifetime NRA member I’ve had a lot of disappointing issues with them the last couple of years and have voiced my concerns. I believe they had or should have gotten a heads up on his speech. Why the hell didn’t they ask your same questions prior to his giving his speech! The import bans and the NFA Nazis should have been high on his list imo.

    • National CCW carry at least. Late word today was he is moving on national CCW. So perhaps this was planned after all? Or perhaps he saw my criticism and decided to react?

      If we ever get him on the Podcast, I would love to ask him some questions.