Armory Chat 30: Why I’m not a HK Fan-Boy

In short? I think HK is a poorly run company.

Somebody brought up the HK 416 and 417. What did that take to hit the US commercial market? 10 years? Fair enough. What do you think the chances are HK will bring over the HK433? 10 years? Ever?

Meanwhile everyone else saturates the market first.

To paraphrase the President, “Sad”.

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  • Getting some hate over this one. It’s weird. I am getting criticized by the HK fan boy’s for, “Having my head up my ass”. And the HK haters who think the HK VP9 is the worst pistol ever made.


    I judge firearms like I judge people: individually. I also weigh the negatives vs the positives and go from there. And while we are on it…there are ALWAYS negatives in life. It just depends on how you deal with them that really counts.

    Until next time.


    • MickeyG

      Extremely well said Marky !!

  • Skyviking

    Well, HK’s first striker-fired pistol was not a resounding success. (Think: VP70). :>))

    • Yeah. I know. But the HK fan boys want to count that as a successful striker Gun.

      The market says otherwise.


  • Skyviking

    I carry a P30LEM APIW. I have a VP9, but just can’t recall why i have one, or why I still do… I haven’t even shot the darn thing… Maybe it’s because I’m afraid that I might like it better???. This is sorta like the 911 vs.Cayman conundrum

  • Skyviking

    Nah, just gun-poor, ammunition deprived… Or is that Depraved??? I still wish i had bought that 1928 Navy Overstamp with the L-drum, C drum, and stick magazines instead of that M16A3 Flattop CAR… Practicality is my nemesis. I should’ve known that the authorization to carry personally-owned Class III weapons would be rescinded…

    • I predict a fight over NFA coming sooner rather than later. With how poorly the NFA is currently functioning, I don’t believe it would pass Constitutional scrutiny.


  • Brennen Munro

    One of the big problems with H&K, is that the government is a big share holder of the company, and they are true believers when it comes to the UN wanting to do away with small arms for the individual. That part of the company would love to be able to support the day to day operational cost… but they just can not do it. They know that what keeps them above the water line and able to continue to pay salaries, is what is being sold on the civilian market. This makes the left wing governments types blood run cold, but it is the hard truth. H&K does a fair amount of R&D, and they come up with some very innovative ideas that always seem to die on the development vine, at least when it seems to concern the civilian market.
    After the huge goat f#ck with the new German Army rifle, the company was going to go out of business. Because of this the restraints were loosened for civilian sales in the USA. Not only did we get the P30 family of pistols here, but also the VP line! People got excited about what may be released next… Would it be an SBR type gun? A new battle rifle? Or maybe something really super ninja squirrel secret that the H&K fanboys have always known that was being developed in the deep darkness of the Bavarian Forest…
    The truth is much less romantic. What the company has released has managed to keep it from going bankrupt, therefore… the great expectations are for nothing. The government weenies are still in charge, and we can expect nothing more from H&K until they are in dire straits again. Or the board changes.
    I will continue to EDC my H&K, not because I am a fanboy, but because it fits my needs and I like how it shoots for me. If I have to employ my pistol, I want to have the confidence that comes from time put in practice, and also knowing that I have a quality tool that will not crap out on me at the moment I need it to function. Period.

    As for H&K… their business model sucks, but I don’t think they hate me, and I am kind of fond of them!


    • So you acknowledge that their corporate decisions seem retarded but it’s German Gov driving the crazy train? I can live with that.

      I don’t know WHY they do what they do, but I know WHAT they do.


  • bj

    Vp9 is the worst handgun made in a long time. Complete unreliable pos.

    And what’s so great about the 416 and 417? Just heavy ar clones with a piston system in them. Pws makes a better, lighter and cheaper rifle.

    I agree they are poorly run and horribly overpriced, a G36 BCG is $800 for fuck sake. $800!

    With that being said though the new 433 looks like they’ve finally learnt from the G36, XM8 and 416 and are finally coming out with a rifle that people actually want and that looks pretty dam awesome. How long it’ll take before customers can buy one is any guess. They are great at showing everyone what they are capable of but rarely put it all togeather and give it to people.

    • I think HK as a company is retarded. But with that being said, I can’t in good conscience say anything good or bad about the G36 or 433 since, like most people living in the US, have limited to zero experience with either.

      The standard swings both ways. The VP is working for me right now and I have no plans to change that.

      I am also used to getting shit from my co-workers for running a 1911 (for 12 years) when they all ran Glocks.

      It’s all good.