Armory Chat EP12: Yaqui Style Holsters Are Dangerous

Armory Chat follow up on a subject I broached a while back regarding Yaqui style holsters.

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  • Lenny Bucharski

    I agree I have been carrying a sidearm for over 35 years and when I was young and dumb I had one of these because everyone was carrying them. Sat down in the office chair gun popped out and the Sgt. went nuts. After retiring from Law Enforcement, I now make holsters, when someone comes in requesting one I try to talk them into something more suitable for carrying a sidearm. if they insist I send them to someone else, I will not make one and take the responsibility for that style of holster. same goes for the SOB holster personal preference only on this holster had one hated it will not make one.

  • Mikial

    Agree with you. Minimalist crap. We carry in public every day, and have to perform typical tasks like running for taxis, catching the metro or just walking down the street. I want a holster I can draw from quickly, but one that will also keep my gun sedure ans safe at all times.