Armory Chat EP13 — Which Rifle – 223 FAL – AR/70 – 551A1

By popular demand, we are going to start showing more rifles from the armory. Most of these are from the reference library and others are actually in daily use. So…we are looking for some feedback. Which rifle from these three should we start with:

Beretta Ar/70

SIG 551A1

FAL in 223


Leave us feedback and let us know.



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  • Paul Ellis

    Let’s see the AR 70 first

    • The votes are in and the AR/70 was way, way down the list. Not even close. Most people want to see what they are familiar with I guess.


      • Paul Ellis

        I guess they don’t want to learn something new…

        • Freeze has a theory that has borne out to be correct. He has observed that the more expensive, uncommon, or rare a weapon is; the less traffic it gets from readers.


          They want to read more about Glocks, Mossbergs, and Remington’s they own.

          It’s a form of confirmation bias. However esoteric.


  • Mikial

    I vote the FAL. I love that entire line of guns. We had some FAL 7.62X51 NATO versions in Iraq for longer range work. Usually one per team. I won’t even go into how we ‘acquired’ them, but it involved some cases of whisky and a SOC armorer.

    • I’ve heard similar tales. Especially for weapons sourced locally then traded just before rotation out.


  • BigMike57

    I’d like to see the Sig 551.

    • I’m going to have to heat that thing up soon. Now that people know it’s here.


      • BigMike57

        That’d be cool.

        Actually, do you have a 550 as well? It’d be interesting to see the differences too.

        • I do not. There is a company in the US that is now bringing the 550 pistols in. Last I checked, they were about 4k. Supposedly even have a 7.62 version. Why, I have no idea!

          But maybe one day. It would be hard to justify 4k for one that is “functionally” the same as the 551A1 in the armory. I understand there are significant quality differences according to the SIG experts. But we keep them as reference guns. So that would be a hard sell.