Armory Chat EP15 – Thanks For The Help

Some months ago I posted about needing a 223 barrel for my Blaser Tactical 2. To Read that CLICK HERE. Thanks to everyone who reached out with tidbits and info to help make this possible. Even if some suggestions ultimately didn’t pan out, knowing many of you were trying really meant a lot.

Now let’s get this barrel hot!

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  • John Coleman Stewart

    With both a 243/6mm and a 5.56 barrel, I look forward to some range and load results. Is the Blaser barrel, by chance, a Wilde or 5.56 mil chamber, or straight commercial .223? I know there are many new and sexy 6 & 6.5mm cartridges out there, but I’ve had outstanding results with a 243. I’ve never missed or lost a deer or hog I’ve shot with one, which means I’m overdue, but that day has yet to come.

    • Don’t know how I missed this.

      The 223 chamber in these barrels is standard NATO 556 chamber. They to tend to cut their chambers at the minimum tolerances. So if you load ammo that is slightly out of spec, you tend to get feeding issues. BUT…you also get more consistent chambering with translates to better mechanical potential accuracy.

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