Bandolier of 303 Ammo

Freeze found a bandolier of 303 ammo that was long forgotten. Will come in very handy when we break out the Ross Rifle.

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    Cant wait to see the Ross rifle in action. On another note, im the type of person that likes to shoot my rifles to see exactly how they shoot specifically for myself. Does freeze shoot the guns as well or does he mostly shoot close range (for hunting) so its not quite as essential? Judging from the podcast show he mainly shoots his mossberg shotgun for gun season (or used to) anyways. So for 100 yards and its “minute of deer” either way. Love the podcast as well as all the blog page content. Coming from a person that found you solely on IHeartRadio, its very refreshing to see some real people with real world experiences that have no agenda. Sorry for the long winded post. Thanks again.

    • DFISH,

      Your comment just made my day! You are very kind and we appreciate that you like the POD. Now for the details to your question.

      1. Yes. 100% individual shooters should be shooting their guns. Zero can vary person to person.
      2. We did it this way since we were jammed with the schedule and it just hasn’t been good timing to build a new range, try to beat the snow, beat the gun season, and get these hunting guns shot.
      3. But at the ranges we shoot deer at, it’s all minute of deer.
      4. Correct. Freeze has shot 99% of all his deer with a shotgun since he hunts two shotgun states. Has for all his life.


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