Baton Rouge Shooter: Tavor Bullpup

Just a point of interest. The Black Lives Matter – Nation of Islam shooter of police officers in Baton Rouge was carrying a FDE color Tavor bullpup.

Another interesting point: he is not from Baton Rouge. He’s from Missouri. An outsider. Home of the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Ferguson crowd.

Tavor Rifle in Black

Tavor Rifle in Black

So…how do the people of Baton Rouge feel that an outsider came to their town, killed cops and the media is reporting this represents Baton Rouge?

Probably the same way people who experience outsider groups coming to their town as Black Lives Matter, paid for by George Soros, as being local problems.

And while I am at it, probably the same way the people of Oregon felt when the Bundy clan crossed state lines and started trouble with the Feds. More outsiders looking for national exposure by starting trouble where they don’t belong.

Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Long with FDE Tavor Rifle

Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Long with FDE Tavor Rifle

There is a universal concept that is VERY strong in American culture: Hearth and Home. Nobody appreciates the interloper starting trouble. Regardless of cause or creed.

Final Note: I just have to say it. Nation of Islam member. Hates Jews. Picks Israeli made rifle. These people don’t know their assholes from a hole in the ground. I stand with America. I stand with Israel. I know who the enemy is, even if the media won’t name him.



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