Behind the scenes: Remington 244 vs Winchester 243

This was recorded by accident during a cease fire. Turns out, the conversation was pretty interesting. Here’s why:

Today, we see a big push in the PRS series for “better & better” 6mm rounds. 6×47, 6mmBR, 6CR.

Turns out everything old is new again. Now I’m not saying these rounds don’t deliver. They do. But for my applications, 243/6mm is everyday a 600 yard round. And on special occasions…further.

Why? Because my home ranges are all 600 yards. That simple. Shoot the gun you brung. Don’t get too wrapped around the axel with what the cool kids are doing. Because secretly, you are using that data as an excuse to do nothing.

That’s the real problem.

“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

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  • Conner

    Back when I was a boy oh about 50 years ago in Arizona, I remember my best friends dad and his older cousins were avid, or should I say fanatical hunters. His dad always hunted deer with a .243. I never knew or can’t remember what rifle he was using but they never came back without a deer that I can remember. My buddy and I were just at the age when we began to work out with weights pretty seriously. While doing so we tried to eat well and I can still recall having venison steaks for breakfast, lunch and dinner when I would stay at his house. We seemed to believe it was a super power protein food. His dad was definitely his hero as well as one of mine.This memory is actually why I bought a .243 Patriot when they were introduced by Mossberg just to have because I only hunt paper now a days. I love that rifle. Flat shooting, no recoil to speak of and just a hell of a lot of fun to shoot. Not to mention it takes me back to remembering those days. I guess my point being that these guys always produced when they went hunting and to me that speaks volumes about the .243 round.

    • Hell…Mule Deer camp just a few months ago had two shooters running 243 rifles. Both came back with deer. Nice ones too!


  • John Coleman Stewart

    The 244 was Rems entry in the 6mm wars and it is a better cartridge, if velocity is your goal. Rem renamed it the 6mm Rem after a disastrous launch and a poor sales record v the 243. Volumes have been written about both cartridges, but with powder improvements and better bullets, they are pretty much tied. I have 3 243s, they all shoot very well and everything I’ve shot with one just died.

    • See! I know 2 people who’ve heard of this strange dinosaur of a cartridge!