Big Urban Deer

Report came in from a well to-do neighborhood that this deer was laid up and injured. The caller suspected the deer, “had been shot”.

Since gun season has long since passed, everyone’s ears perked up. The size of the rack didn’t do anything to quell the interest in the subject either. After confirming some information from the complainant it was figured this deer was going to need to be put down.

A car was dispatched to the location and contact was made with property owner.

Now, it needs to be said that call originated from a…no other way to put it…somewhat wealthy area. Not rural by any means, but well to do. Politically connected. And…on balance…not hunter friendly. So unfriendly that hunting was outlawed in the city limits a good number of years ago. How that came to be involved archery season, a deer that ran, and little-Johnny getting the REDRUM show of a lifetime while waiting for his morning school bus. It was awesome. But I digress…

After explaining to the complainant, again, that the officer wasn’t going to pick Bambi up and transport him to the local vet, the somber procession worked it’s way up to the buck. It was obvious that the animal had been injured, infection had set-in, and was very weak.

In the 2 seconds it took the officer to make this analysis, the deer got up and trotted away into the woods. The home owner was somewhat relived. She didn’t have to deal with a dead deer in her yard, and she didn’t have to face the realities of euthanizing suffering animals.

On balance it is unfortunate because without a doubt he died a horrible death. Either suffering for hours or days, or being eaten alive by coyotes. But nature is a funny thing. While the buck did allow the complainant to get within 10 feet of him (the photo that was sent to the PD) he sensed things weren’t going his way with the authorities showed up.

We were never able to officially determine the true nature of the animal’s wounds. Most likely hurt by a moving vehicle. But we will never know.

I figured many of our hunting friends would really appreciate the photo. The rumors about big bucks in urban environs is true. Especially if they have no natural predators and consistent food sources. If urban deer is something you wish to pursue, my advice would be forget the gun and pickup archery. The hippies seem to be more open to bows.


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  • Gary Tompkins

    A hippie once told me bows are natural and guns aren’t. He may have the impression that a bow is just a stick and string.

    • HA! There was a newlywed murder recently where the husband shot the wife with a bow. It went clear through her body. She ran next door and died a painful death.

      I would probably rather be shot.


      • Gary Tompkins

        Years ago I lived in the suburbs of Chicago. There is a prairie path ( old railway, tracks removed) that runs for miles. In one town some “idiot”, to be polite, decided to shoot people with a crossbow. I don’t remember the complete story, he did connect with at least one.

    • Outlaw

      You should have offered to demonstrate the difference for him LOL. I would sure prefer to be shot with a rifle (fatally of course) than run around for hours or days with an arrow in me and damn sure wouldn’t want to be eaten alive by a pack of Coyote’s. That is the strange thing about people who claim that hunting is cruel. Being eaten alive is definitely way more cruel that being shot, that is presuming the hunter who shoots is proficient enough to kill the animal humanely with the first shot. They think the woods is a friendly, quaint place where animals live a happy life and then die a painless death and never get sick or injured. But then most of those people have no clue about actual reality of any type, form or fashion .

  • Roy Dowd

    Many people are surprised to learn that NJ even has deer. Yet several Boone & Crockett class trophies have been taken in Monmouth & Ocean Counties. I hunted on state land for years and saw many 8,10 & 12 point bucks. NJ has a “doe first” clause where you are required to shoot a doe first before being issued your “buck tag.” Opening day years back I had a bachelor group of 3 bucks walk in to within 20 yards of me. 2 eight pointers and a 10. All big heavy beams. I couldn’t do anything except watch them as I hadn’t shot my doe yet. NJ is certainly an urban area and full of very large deer. These deer haunted my dreams and I simply had to go out in the field in pursuit. My wife was getting tired of it, lol.

    • Doe first?

      Never heard of that!

      Don’t you guys have Black Bear problems now?


      • Roy Dowd

        Yes. Doe first during fall bow. Once you check in your doe, you get your buck tag. The reason being is that NJ is suburban with a large deer population, which equates into deer/vehicle collisions. The doe first clause is to control the herd size by taking out breeding females. I can tell you that it’s not a popular rule with hunters. Nothing worse than seeing that dream buck and not being able to bag it. Fall bow is the first deer season of the year and the deer aren’t skittish yet. The mature bucks become wary and then nocturnal very quickly. Taking a big buck quietly is possible and it crosses every hunters mind, but it’s unethical, illegal and the consequences are stiff.
        The black bears were becoming a nuisance in northern NJ. Up in Stokes State Forest. Several years back Fish & Game opened up a hunting season. Problem basically solved. You would be surprised at the size of these NJ bears. Multiple kills in the 700-800 pound range. A hunter bagged an 829 pounder in that area: