Bill Weaver Scope Display

What we have here is a collection of scope and scope designs attributed to Bill Weaver and his Weaver Scope Company that so many of our readers are obviously familiar.

But…I have to admit something that may not translate in the photos. But I certainly hope it does. I had never, never, ever considered taking some optics and framing them for display. This small display, tucked into a corner of the basement, was awesome in person.

And I promised myself on the spot, that if I ever ran across some optics that were personally significant, I would frame them and place it on the wall. A couple of these in any office would be an outstanding conversation piece.

And…and…if your office is like most offices where guns are “verboten”. This is a easy and neat way to wear your Second Amendment sensibilities on your sleeve but not run afoul of most corporate gun policies.


“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

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  • Conner

    Very cool indeed! I will say that display on the wall should be guarded as if they were your best guns because they probably cost more. You gotta love that display!

    • The Buffalo Bill museum in Cody was awesome!


  • Brennen Munro

    I knew someone who had one of those frames that you could put more than several photos in at one time, he had photos of the sight pictures of his favorite firearms. Most people had no idea what it was, and thought it was just some abstract metal objects, and the folks that did know thought that it was a very ingenious way to get around the no firearms displayed rule. He almost got busted by having the quote “Do you have a plasma rifle in the 40 watt range?… Only what you see on the wall buddy.” From the movie “Terminator”. He is one of the few computer design wanks that loved guns and all the cool things associated with them! I hate that he moved away, but he moved to Texas, and he is happier now!

    • The site picture thing is a good idea as well!