Blaser LRS-2 / Tactical-2 Magazine Repair

Wanted to seek some advice from the community about a magazine issue I am having. I can’t help but wonder if there is something obvious or elegant to solve this problem that I am missing?

So if you are a Blaser LRS / Tactical 2 owner and have a simple fix for this, please chime in below.

Running a Tactical 2 for years and have never seen a mag behave like this. I suspect just bending the internal sleeve outwards is the solution.

But before I get all Bob Mother-F’ing-Villa on this thing, maybe I better ask for input?

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  • If you have any feedback on this before I do a deep dive into the magazine, please feel free to drop me a line.


  • Skyviking

    What does the inside of the magazine look like with the insert removed? You are either missing a detent pin that keeps the insert in place (that hole on the LH side of the magazine box insert is there for a reason) or it is stuck or if plastic, broke off. I would ask Blaser about it. I had a Blaser, but did not like it as much as a M70 or M98 (for a hunting arm), or the AI or Surgeon actions for a sniper -er, Precision Rifle.

    • Turns out there is a small leg at the bottom of the aluminum structure that was folded in.

      It connects with a shelf in the mag body to keep it from rising. So I just bent it back out.

      This mag was functionally new, but I did buy it on The secondary market. So it would appear that the previous owner may have done this upon disassembly.

      Turns out it was no big deal. I’ll do a follow up then demonstrate it for archives.

      Thanks for stopping by, Sv.