Blaser R8 Pro-Tips

Blaser R8 Pro-Tips

This is a general list of “how to” for the Blaser R8 rifles. Actually for all the Blaser straight-pull rifles: R8, R93, LRS, LRS2, Tactical 2. 

Some of the things on this list are reflective of my views on the mechanics of the R8. Others are gleaned from experience in field conditions. From balmy summer days to sub-zero winter shooting. 

I reserve the right to change, amend or expand the list as I see fit. In no way is the list endorsed or approved to by Blaser GMBH. I doubt they know who we are, or likely care of they did. 

I am a fan of the Blaser systems and they are my go-to precision rifle. And have been for a number of years. 




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