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Many of you know who Bob Munden was even if you don’t know his name. His videos showing him draw a six-shooter from a holster and hitting two balloons are infamous. Frankly, those videos should be mandatory watching for EVERY new police academy cadet.

Not only was Bob an accomplished shooter, he was a very well regarded custom gunsmith. Something that is becoming harder and harder to find is a quality smith who can work on revolvers.

Bob was a 1911 shooter as well.

Bob was a 1911 shooter as well.

If any of you are looking to pick up a trade, setting up a boutique revolver shop might be long term job security. While the age of the wonder-9 won’t be supplanted by anything less than a, “Phase-Plasma Rifle in the 40 watt range”; there are more revolvers in the world than you can shake a stick at.

And the list of smiths who actually are good at servicing them is dwindling fast!


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