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Many of you know who Bob Munden was even if you don’t know his name. His videos showing him draw a six-shooter from a holster and hitting two balloons are infamous. Frankly, those videos should be mandatory watching for EVERY new police academy cadet.

Not only was Bob an accomplished shooter, he was a very well regarded custom gunsmith. Something that is becoming harder and harder to find is a quality smith who can work on revolvers.

Bob was a 1911 shooter as well.

Bob was a 1911 shooter as well.

If any of you are looking to pick up a trade, setting up a boutique revolver shop might be long term job security. While the age of the wonder-9 won’t be supplanted by anything less than a, “Phase-Plasma Rifle in the 40 watt range”; there are more revolvers in the world than you can shake a stick at.

And the list of smiths who actually are good at servicing them is dwindling fast!


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  • Mikial

    I always enjoy the depth of your “gun culture” knowledge. Sadly, most young or even new shooters have no clue who guys like Munden were or what they left behind as heritage.