Borchardt C93

I found this pistol on Gunbroker and it is causing me a lot of anxiety. Somehow I need to figure out how to justify purchasing a Borchardt C93, with SBR NFA papers from 1937, as a reference weapon.

You know. Something in the armory for training purposes just incase we run across one. Overseas. In extremis. As a battlefield pickup. And need to clear it. “On da streets”.

Yeah…none of my normal arguments are working! So if you can figure out how to get it added to your pile, check it out on Gunbroker.



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  • Mikial

    Very cool piece of history, but at the current bid of just over $28K I don’t think it’s a problem I’ll be having to worry about.

    • Yeah, there are lots of other guns I would buy first with $28,000.


      • MickeyG

        Oh yeah !!!

  • Brennen Munro

    A very beautiful piece of mechanical art that shoots! Of course extreme prices to go with the extreme beauty and history, so this one and others like it will just have to recieve my admiration from afar. One thing I did notice just now was that the magazines have a “button” shape on the end vs. the “depressed circle” that the Luger mags have. I guess with Georg Luger working at the Borchardt facility, he really knew that he had to make parts different to keep from being accused of stealing ideas and even parts of the Borchardt C93. Very cool post, thanks Marky!