CETME-L Parts Kit

Posted some photos about this on social media and had some folks wanting to see the kit. It seems the man questions people have are about the furniture. There is a company selling CETME-L’s but with US production furniture.

Our CETME-L Parts kit. No barrel, receiver, trunnion. Fixed stock model.

Also…Freeze found us a CETME-L bayonet on Centerfire System’s website yesterday.

Every MILSURP rifle needs a bayonet, right?

All that is left is a receiver flat, trunnion, and pencil barrel. Which won’t be that hard to pickup. Why? Because with the release of the CETME-L complete guns from Marcolmar and the already existing Hill & Mac examples, building one ourselves will cost more than buying a new one.

Sometimes in the reference collection game, one’s short-term timing can be terrible. But it’s the long game that counts.



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