Christians as Zombies?

It’s something isn’t it? When a lefty makes an argument for gun control, they tend to refer to “Christians” or “churches” or “country music fans” or “NRA members” as people who…maybe in sideways thinking…were somehow asking to be victimized or otherwise at fault.

I usually let these logical fallacies go, because pointing out the obvious and blatant bigotry on display, by the self-professed paragons of “anti-bigotry”, leads to a complete psychological meltdown.

But it’s an observable truism: Christians rate somewhere between zombies and ISIS in the realm of “identity politics”.

At some point in the foreseeable future, Hollywood will make a monster movie replacing zombies with like likes of Pope Francis or Joel Osteen as the antagonists.

And along those lines, I’ve heard rumors that an armed citizen actively engaged and stopped the shooter in Texas. First reports are almost always wrong. But around here, we still believe in heroes.

Even if we have to become one ourselves.


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