Christians as Zombies?

It’s something isn’t it? When a lefty makes an argument for gun control, they tend to refer to “Christians” or “churches” or “country music fans” or “NRA members” as people who…maybe in sideways thinking…were somehow asking to be victimized or otherwise at fault.

I usually let these logical fallacies go, because pointing out the obvious and blatant bigotry on display, by the self-professed paragons of “anti-bigotry”, leads to a complete psychological meltdown.

But it’s an observable truism: Christians rate somewhere between zombies and ISIS in the realm of “identity politics”.

At some point in the foreseeable future, Hollywood will make a monster movie replacing zombies with like likes of Pope Francis or Joel Osteen as the antagonists.

And along those lines, I’ve heard rumors that an armed citizen actively engaged and stopped the shooter in Texas. First reports are almost always wrong. But around here, we still believe in heroes.

Even if we have to become one ourselves.


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  • Like I said. I wonder what the ratio of Anti-ISIS or ANTI-MAO posts there are on a lefty’s page vs anti-Christian.

    Full disclose. I am not what you would call a devout Christian. But the average American might be shocked at how much the Left hates VP Mike Pence for simply…being…a…Christian. Literally more than a few actually theorize Pence being who he is keeps other leftist from, “trying to get rid of Trump”.

    Read into that exactly what that sounds like. Because…so the Left, A Christian nothing more than an undead Zombie. Something to be eradicated.

    Has anyone noticed the most persecuted indenity group on the planet? It’s not gays. It’s not Muslims. It’s not even “white men”. It’s Christians. Christians are being slaughtered on a scale not seen since the Holocaust and Nazi Germany’s “Jew Problem”.

    And nobody says a word about it.

    Scary times.


    • MickeyG

      Scary times indeed, but I won’t let it get me down, and I certainly won’t give-up or give-in !!

      • Breaking this AM. The shooter was atheist who thought, “Christians were stupid”.


    • MickeyG

      By the way, who the heck is Chelsea Handler?

  • Hoze928

    It is pretty sad I call my self the trifecta I’m Christian, White, Male all 3 things the left hates. That’s why I decided years ago if someone tries to take me out or anyone near me. I will have something to say about it in the form of several mags of 9mm.

    • The best part. On its most basic level, gun people and anti-gun people actually have the same end goal in mind:

      Neither one wishes to be shot, killed, hurt or put upon by others.

      The friction is just the direction in how these two groups choose to solve that problem.

      Think about it.


  • Brennen Munro

    The citizen who shot the s.o.b. was not only an NRA member, but also an NRA Instructor… You know that is going to piss off the crazy left! The very thing that they like to claim never ever happens outside of wishful dreaming by NRA members has happened, an armed citizen has stepped in and stopped an “in-progress” shooting.


    • I have unverified rumors that the armed citizen who stopped the attack wasn’t armed with a shotgun, as some reported, but with an AK style rifle.

      Funny. It’s jusy being reported as a “rifle” or weapon. Some even went as far to see it was a shotgun.

      Time will tell.


  • Mikial

    Great article, Marky, and great comments as usual, my friends, just as I’ve come to rely on from this particular blog. By now most of you know the shooter was a Christian hating atheist who murdered little children . . . Go Radical Left! . . . and the person who stopped him was not a LEO, but a simple Conservative good guy with an AR who knew his stuff enough to put two rounds into the murdering, Left wing scum bag and force him to retreat.

    And of course, the Democrats are trying to use this as some sort of rallying cry for gun control, but at least from what I’m seeing that particular effort isn’t getting much headway since even the Liberal media can’t cover up the fact it was a “Good ‘Ol Boy” with an AR who stopped the slime ball. It gets even better when the story points out that another Good ‘Ol Boy with a pick-up truck gave the first armed citizen a ride as they chased the shooter down and kept the cops apprised of his whereabouts the whole time.

    I’d like to see the average Starbucks snowflake do something like that.

    This is what we arm ourselves and train for, my brothers and sisters of the gun. To never look for trouble or opportunities to harm others, but to be ready if that situation is suddenly thrust upon. I personally consider myself blessed that I had the opportunity to do close protection in Iraq for over two years, and in many places since, but that doesn’t put me anywhere ahead of just plain good people who learn and train and take the fact that they carry a gun every day seriously. For once the media can’t bury the fact that it was an armed citizen who protected people from a Left wing hater who violated the sacrosanct guns laws and was armed and murdering unarmed innocents in a Gun Free Zone.

    • I have been very busy and am not up on this as well as I could be. So they have admitted he had an AR?

      Finally consider this: that weekend was pre-planned to be the Left’s day if rage / violent overthrow of Trump.

      On that weekend Sen. Rand Paul was severely attacked and put in hospital and the Texas church was attacked.

      Bet you won’t hear the MSM even question a possible connection.

      Scary times.


      • Mikial

        MSN bears a lot of guilt for the twisting of the next generation’s minds. Here is what I read, but I have lost the citation . . . sorry. Rough week, and all I did was save the quote in a Word doc.

        ‘Willeford used an AR-15 on Sunday to confront Kelley at the Sutherland Springs church where he had killed 26 people.

        Willeford says he shot Kelley, causing him to drop his rifle and try to escape in an SUV. Willeford and fellow good samaritan Johnnie Langendorff pursued him in Langendorff’s truck, with the chase reaching speeds of 95 MPH before Kelley finally veered off the road. Investigators say Kelley died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

        “I think my God, my Lord, protected me and gave me the skills to do what needed to be done, and I just wish I had gotten there faster,” Willeford said in an interview Monday.’