Clark 460 Rowland Kits

I hadn’t thought about these kits in at least 15 years. And when I looked down at the table and saw the kits, I asked some folks with me if they knew what they were looking at?

A 460 Rowland Kit at 2017 Camp Perry


Maybe it’s because they aren’t old 1911 guys, but damn! They made the kits for the Glock as well! I’m sure with all the cool kids suddenly discovering, “Roland special” compensated Glock; soon their eyes will rediscover the 460 kits.

Without getting into a deep dive, consider this. Are you a 1911 guy? Love your 45? But wish you had a 10mm once in a while for trips into bear country? you go!

Ok. Maybe that was more about “my” logic in wanting one in the mid 1990’s? But it’s still cool just the same. Also…it’s not something I would be putting thousands of rounds through so I would just buy 460 ammo from a dealer as needed.

You can find the kits for sale at Clark’s website:



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