POTD – Clean Yo Nasty Gun!

As some of you are aware, we’ve had a photographer hanging around the armory as of late. And no he isn’t into guns at all, but is always looking for interesting subjects to…shoot?

See what I did there? Anyway….

The before shot…

He took two photos of my CCW gun. And while the VP isn’t cherry clean since…I do shoot it quite a bit and actually carry it everyday, all day. I was a little surprised at how dirty the gun appeared in some of his photo processing.

The after shot…

I would suppose the dirt was too much to get the result he was “shooting for”. Hehe…I crack myself up. So maybe I better, “Clean yo nasty gun!”

“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Marky Mark

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  • I guess in my defense, all those pretty pictures of gorgeous CCW guns that are “carried daily” are just more gun-forum lies and fantasy.


    • MickeyG

      My carry/truck guns get a bit of a beating around the ranch, but the are functionally perfect, not really pretty though. 🙂

      • Man. I did a number on my truck the other night trying to get out of the back end of he Range.

        “Tear’d up”.