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Can we be real for a minute? Most shooters don’t have much of anything along the lines of a first aid supplies. And those that do, how many of them have it at home? If your emergency plan consists of, “I’ll call 9-1-1” maybe you should continue reading?


I’m going to keep this simple…and real. If you are a shooter, please consider keeping some first aid supplies handy. You may be the most responsible shooter on the planet, but maybe some guy at the range with you isn’t. Or…again keeping it real, accidents happen. That is why they’re called accidents: ricochets, ka-booms, spall, splash, tripping, falling, bee stings, snake bites and cut fingers are all very common. I’m not saying you need to drive around with the equivalent of a Level 1 trauma center in your vehicle. But maybe a few bandages, some blood clotting product and Benadryl can go A LONG way in saving the day?

Typical First Aid Dressing
Typical First Aid Dressing


Now for my major gripe: On the other extreme, when you see medical dorks arguing over tourniquet technology and trying to beat each other over the head with the “I am smarter than you gotcha game”, tell them to STFU. Especially if they are around us “average folk”. Because invariably what they do is make everything so complicated and hard, the average shooter ends up mentally checking out. Or throwing up his hands in disgust and not even attempting a basic first aid kit. The same basic medical kit which will stabilize 95% of likely injuries. In short, the Medical Dorks end up de-railing the very thing they claim to advocate.


So for the rest of us here is some advice, just start small with your medical supplies. Get a blood clotting bandage and build from there. If you want to. You don’t HAVE to spend any real money. You don’t HAVE to take any classes. You don’t have to be a certified SWAT Doc or Navy Corpsman. Blood clot, bandage, and Benadryl will carry you through.

Combat Gauze
Combat Gauze — Goes a Long Way


If you wish to take a medical / first aid training or drop big dollars on a trauma kit from your local super-awesome SWAT- Doc, that’s great too. He’s the leading expert on all things tactical-med. If you doubt that, all you need to do is ask him.



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  • Netter Jeff

    Well said. Start simple though with Band-aids and tape. Add a quality touniquit such as the CAT or SOF-T and get proper training on how it is applied. Avoid clotting gauze unless you are a medical professional with the proper training on its use. Clotting gauze is designed for the specific purpose of packing wounds which should not be performed by untrained hands. Touniquits save lives. Start there.
    This coming from an urban paramedic of 20 years with 12 years as a tactical paramedic. I’d list my CV but who really cares. Take my advice (and Markys) or leave it. Stay safe!


      Thanks, Jeff. I agree 100%. Start small and go from there. The small will solve 90% of your problems anyway. –Marky