Commentary – Special Needs Man Assaulted on Facebook Live

Yes, I am aware of the Facebook video where 4 black youths kidnaped and tortured a special needs white male.

All the while yelling things like F. Donald Trump and F. White people. No need posting the link here, it’s readily available other places. But here’s a newsflash for all you folks out there going crazy making this about Obama this, Trump that, BLM this, whatever that. Ready?

There isn’t a urban cop in America, black or white, who hasn’t daily…and I mean daily…seen or heard blatant, overt, ridiculous acts of racism in the hood like this. In word or deed.

None of this is new. It’s just not reported or talked about in popular media and culture since, “black people can’t be racists”.The snowflakes and sheltered people who live in the white suburbs just never really get exposed to it. It’s almost institutional and a fixture in urban culture.

The good news? And yes there is some…

On this issue we aren’t actually worse off then when Obama became President. Seriously. Race relations haven’t slid back as far as the talking heads (right and left) breathlessly say after watching this vid. It’s been this bad for decades.

It’s just now with how the Internet and technology works, it’s all readily available with just a click of a virtual button.

Now the narrative will have to adjust towards the truth. If you are a racist David Duke or New Black Panther party jackass, you’ll have ample and equal opportunity to embarrass members of your fellow race.

Are you black and embarrassed by this video? Welcome to the club. I’m embarrassed every time some news reporter looks under every rock to find that one hill-jack-toothless wonder Klucker guy and puts him on camera.

All you can do is live right each day and let the universe self-correct it’s losers.



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  • Fred


    • Amen, Brother.

      Be good.


      • MickeyG

        Roger that !

  • Mikial

    Your post says it all, Marky.

  • MickeyG

    And I bet the families of these animals will be whining / crying about how good they are, getting their lives together, going to college, etc, etc, add infinitum !!

  • Conner

    IMO, these four kids, these “individuals” need something more then rotting in prison. I don’t give a shit what color they are! These four and the many others like them of all shades need to be put in a make-um or break-um style military type camp for troubled youth (troubled meaning whiny assed, progressively indoctrinated, only my life matters pussies) run by the likes of Mad Dog Mattis! These are uneducated junky assed brats taught by their parents that life just isn’t fair. Again, color doesn’t mean shit UNLESS YOU ARE BRED TO BELIEVE IT! Who knows? Maybe they might turn out to be good productive citizens with some structure. You’re correct, this does happen all too often so we know the camps wouldn’t be empty. I’m not talking cruelty here. I’m thinking about an organized system where you have to work to eat, you’re rewarded for doing well and seriously punished when you fck -up. Something has to change because this poison is spreading like the Asian Flu. ( Whoa, I came here to look at the milsurp stuff. How’d I get here?) Kidding. We all need to be concerned about this and it’s needs to be talked about once in awhile. Thanks Marky.