Conversation – GEN 5 Glock 17

It’s not too common that Freeze and I are in the same place at the same time. My fault.

So I took this opportunity to show him the Gen 5 Glock 17 we still have on loan from, “Officer M.”

Seems like a nice gun. The trigger is noticeably better than previous generations of Glocks.

Would I drop previous generations to buy this? Likely not. The only exception might be if you are a left handed shooter or need to qualify doing single- hand / off-hand malfunction clearance drills.

Hell! Even Freeze likes it! And he doesn’t like anything Glock. That’s saying something.

Shooting demos coming soon.

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  • Freeze finally gets a chance to see the GEN 5 Glock. I have to admit…I like it more than I thought I would. Can you actually believe it!?! I wouldn’t dump a GEN 4 for a 5. But if you wanted to pick up a 5, I could defiantly see that happening.


  • Mikial

    I know it’s not a very sophisticated outlook, but to me a Glock is a Glock, whether it’s a Gen 3 or 5. They work. I carry them. I’m happy.

    • The only real glaring Glock diffencey I have ever noticed was the lack of texture on the factory frames. I must have been the one single guy who thinks RTF was a good thing. Along those lines, I think the GEN4 texture has really made a huge difference with Glock.

      And yes I understand one can get aftermarket work done to a Glock. I have known some of the nation’s best at such things. The fact remains, in the real world, that many times modifying your pistol from factory specs is verboten.

      Hell! Even Glock and IDPA do this very thing when classifying pistols!

      My point? Many times, gun users feel a little more adventurous and brave when playing with new pistol design, because they always know Miss. Glock will take them back no questions asked.