Conversation – T91 Clone Build

Freeze and I were headed out to the hunting ground to check on and move a deer-stand.

On the way, I sprung out the 80% lower that we bought for a Taiwanese Military T91 Rifle clone build.

All of this started when he sent me an email showing the T91 uppers imported by Wolf. Up to that point, I had never heard of a T91 rifle.

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  • I blame Freeze for this. I didn’t know what the hell a T91 was until she showed me the Wolf Uppers that are coming in the country!


  • John Coleman Stewart
    • Yes, then T91 sale got quite a bit of press in Taiwan. It’s mainly “hometown hooray” coverage.

      Example. Notice the reference to the HK416. That’s a direct shot at being competitive against German engineering.


  • Paul Ellis

    I’m liking the T91 upper…seems like an interesting take on the piston upper…$599?? seems a little steep for an upper…but then again it has a 4150 barrel that’s cold hammer forged….which is good stuff…I guess I’ll watch the pricing….

    • It is expensive. But it’s “new” and if you want to do a T91 build, you need it.

      If they stop selling, you’ll see them at CDNN at severely reduced pricing.