CORBON Urban Response Load

CORBON showed a new 9mm Luger +P 100-grain Urban Response load. With a velocity of 1,475 fps, the light bullet packs 480 ft.-lbs. of muzzle energy. It has a patented V-shaped lead core topped with a black polymer ball crimped into place with the bullet jacket. On impact, the ball delays expansion allowing the bullet to penetrate before the V-shaped core violently expands. The ball also prevents the bullet nose from plugging up with clothing, which can cause pistol bullets to fail to expand. Another Urban Response load from CORBON is a 5.56 with a 55-grain JHP bullet at 2,900 fps. The bullet is a fast expanding one, meaning it won’t overpenetrate an attacker, and has the added benefit of not passing through several walls in a CQB situation.

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