CZ P-10c Pistol On Range

For the price it’s a decent gun. It’s very accurate. The ambi controls are not executed perfectly. So if you are left-handed or need to qualify weak handed, this gun will require more break-in or tweaking.

If a Glock 19 is a little bit too small for you, this solves that problem. On those same lines, it’s a little light in the capacity department: 15 rounds. For its size, should be 17.

Literally this pistol feels just like a Glock. But it doesn’t holster in my Glock holsters: Raven Concealment. Your mileage may vary.

So if you want a Glock with an American grip angle and an upgraded trigger, buy this gun and save a ton of money.

At no time did we stress test this pistol or try to make it fail. But for the record, we had ZERO malfunctions or stoppages.

Special thanks to, “Officer Mike” for letting us borrow his brand new pistol.

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