Dear F. Class Competitors

When F/TR Competitors sit around and wonder why their numbers are not growing at the rates of other shooting sports, look in the mirror. I have seen too many of you jokers disparage a potential new shooter’s rifle under the guise of, “Giving him truthful information”.


When a noob is inquiring if he can shoot his RPR, Remington 700 or other factory scoped rifle in your game, chances are that is his BEST gun. His favorite gun. Or his ONLY gun. Instead of giving him a lecture that basically infers he needs to drop a few thousand on a new rifle, I suggest you respond with positivity and encouragement.

Why don’t you just say, “Hey! That sounds like fun! Why don’t we shoot together! Bring your rifle and let’s figure it out!” Or…you can keep doing it your way, wondering why your local matches aren’t really that busy.

If it were up to me, and I was king of the range, I’d start putting some of you clowns on time-out. And if that didn’t right the ship, I would shut these matches down completely. Take your fancy-asses someplace else.

For smart guys, you really can be quite stupid sometimes.

“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

Marky Mark

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  • Jeffrey Scott Boyer

    Too funny thanks. Same could be said for certain divisions of uspsa

  • Larry Hensch

    Help him or her sort out their rifle, and let them have some fun shooting. When they are catching the precision shooting bug, let them shoot your ultra super Class F rifle. They will want one of their own. You have to take care of the noobs in any sport, or it will die out.Let them take the bait, hook them solidly and reel them in. You will have a friend and shooting companion for life, and your sport will continue long after you hang up your rifle!

    • I have always advocated “short courses” for that very reason. And sometimes, the regulars want to try their pedestrian guns on said short course as well.


    • MickeyG

      Well said Larry.

  • Brennen Munro

    You can also be sure that the Head Prick of the established shooters did not shoot his first match with the 20 thousand dollar rig that he now runs either! Big Fish small puddle syndrome, and it will kill the sport.