Donald Trump: What The Media Doesn’t Report

I have been watching with horror, but not surprise, the behavior of The Left over the past few months. And to make matters worse, the mainstream media either justifies the violence or just doesn’t report it. Which emboldens the perpetrators.

Everyone knows this man would have seriously Hurt Donald Trump.

Everyone knows this man would have seriously Hurt Donald Trump.

But you would have to be willfully ignorant to not see what is coming. I don’t know when, and I don’t know how; but sooner or later some of these Lefty Whack-a-doodles are going to kill someone, and the media is going to be scrambling for cover because of it.

I always find it amusing that the same political class that espouses the evils of “censorship”, “tribalism”, “the others”, “us vs them” thinking but engages in the exact behavior they claim to stand against. Particularly against groups they view as enemies. Hint: Not radical islam. Which is a major clue.

Hillary Clinton / Bernie Sanders supporters injure police officers.

Hillary Clinton / Bernie Sanders supporters injure police officers.

So what is the goal of these people? It’s been the same for over 100 years! Anarchists want to collapse a society so they can “rebuild it” in their favor. It’s the end goal of any communist movement. Just look at the “regressive left”. They push policies that lead to failure and collapse. Why? Because collapse itself IS the goal. Not actually solving problems. To them, a functioning society IS the problem!

Sometimes the media accidentally reports the truth. Soviet Flag.

Sometimes the media accidentally reports the truth. Soviet Flag.

What does this have to do with Donald Trump or you? Maybe nothing. But to express it in terms of modern terrorism, Donald Trump is a “hard target”. Most of you reading this are, “soft targets”. Have your attention, yet? Ok…let me put it this way. Where have most of the terrorists been focusing their energy as of late? Not “hard targets”.

Why isn't this photo a major news story?

Why isn’t this photo a major news story?

Right about now, a bunch of you are saying to yourselves, “Bullshit! I’m not a soft target. Mother-fuckers come around here and they’ll be in for a surprise!”. I say that mentality is whistling past the graveyard. Because if something does happen and you prevail the battle isn’t over. The media will label you as: Nazi’s, White Hispanics, White privileged, Uncle Tom’s, Stepford Wives, Klu Klux Klan, “White Acting” sellouts, high-yellow, red-neck, uneducated, unsophisticated, right-wing, nationalist inbreeds who don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.


But the Lefty-Attacker will be a statistical outlier. A deranged individual. A lone-gunman that doesn’t represent any group or ideology. And how dare we engage in “collective punishment” or question the ideology of those precious little snow-flakes by “profiling” them!? And while they are at it, somehow the “victim” is the “aggressor” or at the very least, “Asking for it”. See how this works?

Imagine the media's reaction if this happened during Obama rally in 2008?

Imagine the media’s reaction if this happened during Obama rally in 2008?

The next time the Left uses violence and bullying to block a road or close down a political rally, who are they actually targeting? Hint: It’s not Donald Trump. On balance, being anywhere in the same vicinity of these leftists is likely putting you in danger of serious physical harm or even death. See the following:

Haymarket Police Memorial Bombing

Days of Rage

Flint War Council

New York City Arson Attacks

Greenwich Village Townhouse Explosion

Pentagon Bombing

Convicted American, domestic terrorists supports violence against citizens at Trump Rally.

Convicted American, domestic terrorists supports violence against citizens at Trump Rally.

Planned Bombing Senator John Briggs

Brinks Robbery

Murder of Officer John Frey

April 1968 Ambush of Oakland Police Officers.

Preparedness Day Bombing

The Wall Street Bombing

Webster Thayer House Bombing

The April/June Mail Bomb Attacks

LA Times Newspaper Bombing.

Assassination attempt of Henry Frick, President of Carnegie Steel.

Assassination of President William McKinley

What would happen if someone did this to a Obama sign during the 2008 primaries?

What would happen if someone did this to a Obama sign during the 2008 primaries?

Bombing of US Attorney General’s (Palmer) Home.

Assassination attempt on President FDR.

Assassination of Mayor of Chicago (FDR Incident).

The Unabomber Attacks.

Etc, etc, etc….All significant attacks by leftist groups or individuals who would think nothing of snuffing out many of you and bragging about it on social media. Why? In their world view, YOU don’t have rights. You are the enemy and your destruction is justified. And it is becoming obvious to those of us on the security side, that the media is complicit.

Update: As I was typing this article, it’s reported that authorities have found a Donald Trump tombstone placed in Central Park, NYC. Note: It is March. Not Halloween. So even the argument of a distasteful Halloween decoration is moot. What will be the catalyst or event that brings all of these warning signs into focus about how dangerous the Left is becoming? I will tell you what I do know: authorities who are responsible for the safety and security of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland are extremely worried. So much so, my advice would be to stay away from that venue unless required.

But you’ll never read about these concerns it in the New York Times.


Tombstone Found in NYC Park, March 2016.

Tombstone Found in NYC Park, March 2016.


“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

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  • Gary Tompkins

    Are you thinking the Cleveland convention will be similar to Chicago 1968? This whole election cycle worries me. Lots of reasons.

    • I would expect much, much worse. I think the left in conjunction with radical islamists will want to make Cleveland into a free-fire zone. The PD up there is preparing for potentially crazy problems. Up to and including NBC threats. –Marky

  • Outlaw

    I’d guess if there’s anything I especially like about Trump it is that everyone is scared sh**less of him. Left, liberal, black, foreign, even some Repubs. I have to like that fact even if I don’t agree with everything that comes out of his mouth. I honestly believe that everyone thinks that the crap has a chance to stop if he gets in. No more freebies for everyone (fat chance of that ever happening no matter who wins but….) and maybe changes for the good ending the way we a**kiss the rest of the world. Its time we stop being the bank and cop for everyone else and time we take care of ours first let them take care of theirs.
    I wonder if we aren’t looking at a war (?) either way. Hillary or Trump they both have the hatred to cause one to start and it’s not going to as simple as Rebs in Gray shooting Yanks in Blue. It will be un-civil at the very least. At least we have the majority of guns and ammo, LOL. That’s a good place to start.

    • Trump has been correct on much more than the media wants to give him credit for. But I won’t go deep into the weeds on that. I believe Trump speaks from a position of negotiation. Even the wall. Is he going to build a wall on the southern border and make Mexico pay for it?


      I believe he will start from that position and get the Mexican government to take ownership of their part of the border. Or put another way, why is the wall just OUR wall? Or OUR border? I think Trump is very smart and will get tough things done.