The John1911 Podcast

EP117 – Galil Ace Blowout, Dick’s Fails, Mexican Death Skull

Ep117 of the John1911 Podcast. I wish to warn the listeners that we had some issues with the internet today. We switched out the armory to a wireless mesh system, which has been great. Only to have our service provider’s fiber-optic line cut by construction outside. Such is life. We’ll do better next time.

On this episode:

  • Century VSKA Rifle Shits the bed.
  • Classic Firearms blows out the Galil Ace.
  • Brownells 1911 made by Ed Brown.
  • How much should a Buck 110 folder cost?
  • Anti-gun Dick’s Sporting Goods admits failure.
  • Stormy Daniel’s to pay Trump $293,000.
  • Migrant caravan wants $50k each to go home.
  • IL hunter bags 51 point buck.
  • Baby’s It’s Cold Outside vs Rap Music.
  • Teacher fired for telling kids truth about Santa.
  • Ohio shoplifter’s face tattoo for the ages.
  • Momma don’t let your baby grow up to be Samuari.



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