Ep57 John1911 Podcast

Episode 57 of the John1911 Podcast is now live. Unfortunately we get a little politics heavy, but I try my best to keep it fun, light, and on guns as much as possible:


  • 911 Dispatcher busted with 600lbs of weed.
  • SPAS-12 Project complete.
  • Remington and Colt both have huge layoffs.
  • Why yes, that is a SA-7 missile launcher behind me.
  • Anti-Blue Lives Matter politician busted for selling dope.
  • Star of American Guns TV convicted of straw FFL???!!!
  • 30 eyeballs in your butt.
  • Crazy vegan attacks chicken truck.
  • Freeze still hasn’t finished the Ross Rifle Project.
  • Hey John McCain! NATO doesn’t work like that you crazy coot!

Marky & Freeze


“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • Mark Cameron

    I’m always amazed at what I learn listening to you guys. Thanks for another information podcast!

    • We appreciate you taking the time to even pay attention to a couple of gun-cranks.


      • Mark Cameron

        I do have to be careful where I listen to you. Your language is a bit salty so I’ll either put in headphones or make sure no impressionable nieces or nephews are hanging around.
        Right now I’m working my way through Dereliction of Duty. I really appreciate the heads up on it. My only problem is I have about three other books I’m reading through as well and now your podcast is taking up time. But that’s okay…learning is a process and I appreciate your no-BS approach to all things, especially politics.
        Keep on keeping on. I’m going to be letting other friends know you guys are worth listening to. Besides, you always remind me to keep shooting guns and having fun.

        • We made a conscious decision to move the “real talk” off the FB page and into the podcast format.

          But I do always select “explicit” on the iTunes tags!!!!



          • Mark Cameron

            As a Christian, it would bother me if you were calling down curses on God but Christian who get uptight about ‘salty’ language annoy me. Frankly, some ‘Christians’ who talk real nice can be some of the worse gossips and just plan pious, nasty people. That’s why I enjoy you guys. You say what you think and I feel like integrity is important to you. When I watching you shoot that portable target and keep hitting as you moved back, I did have the passing thought that it was filmed and you could have edited it but I thought, no, I don’t see Marky doing that. So keep on doing what you do and I’ll keep learning new, interesting stuff.

          • Hell….I’m not editing anything to make it look like something it is not. I am not Jerry Mickulk and don’t have any problems facing that fact. The company motto is, “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”. Putting on airs is not fun. That’s just doing stuff the hard way and not having fun.

            As for the cursing, I am aware it is a problem and that I do it too much. It’s a habit I picked up on the streets many years ago. I didn’t curse, and bad people mistook my politeness as weakness. Which invited attack. Seems counter-intuitative I know.

            But there is something to be said about, “demonstrating before the enemy” to convey a message.

            Bottom line: Thanks for noticing, Mark.


          • Freeze

            I admit, I try to curb the language but working years in the ghetto has taken its toll and being soft spoken is a sign of weakness. It’s sad really.