Ep58 β€” John1911 Podcast

Episode 58 of the John1911 Podcast is live. A little tired this episode but we hash it out. πŸ˜‰

  • Buying Milsurps from Russia and China.
  • Can you tell wadcutters from blanks?
  • Fugitive killed by cop car.
  • US Gov planting M44 Cyanide bombs?
  • Mexican Matador takes 11 inches!
  • Couple Found dead from car modifications.
  • Old Western Scrounger 1903A4 scopes.
  • Google screws their advertisers.
  • “Asian” man attacks UK government.
  • Spying on Trump.
  • Jewish man arrested faking Anti-jewish threats.

Marky & Freeze


“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • Keith1911

    I heard about this site from the guys over at InRangeTV on YouTube: https://www.varusteleka.com/. You don’t need to worry about getting something illegal. No weapons though. But European military surplus you can’t easily get here. Shipping is, as expected, slow.

    • Hmmm…I’ll check them out. In person later this summer.


      • Keith1911

        You going to Finland?
        On the Punta Gorda story, why in the f did they think it would be ok to have people point real guns at other people?? Even those cardboard blanks can cause harm.

        • I have business in the EU this year.

          As for Punta Gorda, using blank firing guns is common in the LEO academies. So that translates to the citizen academies which is half dog-and-pony show.

          BTW….I know someone who was almost killed by a blank. Greviously injured.