EP61 of The John1911 Podcast

Episode 61 of the John1911 Podcast. At the end, we have a slight technical problem. The power went out in the armory. So…we had to end the broadcast abruptly. But thanks to our amazing audio engineer Mitch, he lands the plane safely.

And he gets his chance to add his voice to the show!


  • Soy Bean and testing Anderson AR’s?
  • Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms betray gun owners?
  • Darwin Award: South African woman gored by rhino.
  • Trump disappoints as NRA.
  • NRA members disappoint me by not seeing it.
  • Why more people need to be punched in the face.
  • BATFE reverses stance on shouldering pistol braces.
  • Youtube Parents loose kids for prank videos.
  • My master plan to undo the Machine gun ban.


Marky & Freeze


“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • We make a reference to a woman who was gored by a Rhino in South Africa. This photo was reported as being taken seconds before the attack. The rhino ran her through.


    Wild animals are no joke. People need to expect that. Be it a Rhino or a raccoon.



    • Jeff

      Look at the point on that bugger WOW !

      • People are ignorant. Any wild animal has the ability to kick your ass. But Disney has humanized these creatures.


  • Jeff

    Who was the guy at the end ? LOL Poor guy sounded like Ohh CRAP I have to close this. Good recovery.

    Yea… I think everyone has had that “one” friend that started crap.
    Yes, in today’s schools sadly LEO’s are often times called. But I think primarily for higher grades here, like 9 – 12.

    • That guy is her significant other.


    • Freeze

      Jeff, the guy at the end who basically pulled out bacon out of the fire when the power went out was Mitch. He is our sound engineer and we give him credit at the end of every podcast. This just happens to be the first time he had jump in and wrap it up, but hey; thats what he does and he did a great job.

      • Mitch is the man!!!

        “You’re live in 5…4…3…2…1….”