The John1911 Podcast

EP63 – Finally a good 300blk rifle, Ross Rifle Done, The Blue Oyster Bar

On this episode of the John1911 Podcast:


  • I didn’t know Freeze’s music.
  • Fired from Amazon.
  • B&T SPR300: A 300blk rifle I like.
  • Kathy Griffin backlash.
  • Portland Stabber is a Bernie-Bro.
  • Uber-Eats Pot Ring.
  • MLOK vs KeyMod: Freeze don’t care.
  • Man Arrested at Trump DC Hotel.
  • How our ICBM defense really work.
  • The Turkish Embassy beatdown.
  • The Ross Rifle Project is done!
  • People you may know on Facebook: Paul Walker.
  • St. Louis PD sells 20+ Tommy Guns!
  • The Porn Star Scout Scam.

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