EP70 — Glock Build Project Cancelled

After some discussions and education, my plan to “manipulate” Freeze into getting a Glock pistol, by building it, has been scrapped. The plan was to purchase one of the Polymer 80 style kits and build from there.

But research has shown the builds are not economically sound. This is doubly true when you look at the police trade-in market.

If you are already sitting on a unused Glock slide, the math may change. But starting from scratch, you are losing a significant amount of money.

In this episode Freeze and I discuss this calculus.

Marky & Freeze


“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • Brennen Munro

    Great Podcast this time guys! Already up to #70, wow. And it just kept picking up pace and information! So much to think over this week, from… ” I blowded off muh leg”! all the way to “John1911 TV”!!! I had to laugh about the gold Glocks, especially as I have a CZ 75 P01 that was purchased for a retiring Police Chief and was ceracoated gold and black to match his Badge. He was a big time Glock fan and did not think to much of the CZ, so he traded it to a local company to have work done on some of his AR’s. I got to purchase an almost new in box CZ for $325,- that made me a happy camper. My wife calls it my “pimp” gun… guys at the range call it the “James Bond pimp” gun! I need to get a photo to you guys. I also realized that I never sent you pictures of my tricked out Ruger 22/45 speed gun. I will make an effort to get them both out of the safe and get some photos to send you, and just for giggles maybe toss in some others as well.


    • “James Bond Pimp!”

      I like that.


      • Brennen Munro

        That does have a better ring to than the “gilded ghetto gun” that Ute had first called it! Now it is just the “pimp” gun… Is it a bad thing that I really like it?!


        • No. I have had a few engraved pistols in my day. Actually carried one quite a bit as well! —Marky