Ep73 – Bull Dozers, Hippies, Bob Munden and PLA Masturbation

Episode 73 of the John1911 Podcast is up.


  • Hippies try to rewrite history.
  • Pepperball to the junk.
  • General Bobby Lee of ESPN?
  • Bob Munden estate selling Colt Python Hunter.
  • We need a bull dozer for the 1000 yard range.
  • Report: Chinese recruits jerk off too much.


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  • Brennen Munro

    Well… Okay… Made it to the end, and I really have no idea how much squeezing the willy it would take to break the damn thing! That is some sad, sad news no matter what country you live in. As far as the hippies, professional protesters, and those who want too believe in a false narrative of history, there is not much that you could ever say to them to make them see reality. They are going to have to decide to stop drinking the cool-aid from both sides of the aisle, as both parties only pretend to represent anyone other than themselves. Good comparison to the French Revolution, especially as most of those folks have no idea about history.

    On the bulldozer thing… Be safe, as I would like you both to at least make it through the year!


    • Thanks, Brennen. I appreciate your toughing the episode out. It was a long one. We promise more shooting guns in future episodes.


    • Brennen Munro

      Ha!!! That ESPN photo is a hoot. At least Mr Lee knows what to wear for the Halloween office party this year! The British view “Nelson” much the way we view “Nimitz and Halsey” combined. Attempting to damage that monument would not go over very well with those folks. I have already stated my position on how hard it must be to break your willy… and it still makes me shudder to think about just how much effort they must have been putting into this endeavor! That Bob Munden pistol is truly out of my league, both in price and in hunting capability, but it is still very nice to look at.


      I can not remember the quote word for word, or even remember who said it, but it went something like this…

      “White Christians of European descent are the most forgiving and tolerant of all the peoples of the world, and truly the most loving… Until they are not. Then they are the most vile and terrible of all of God’s creatures, willing to spend vast fortunes and even entire Treasuries on acquiring the means to kill each other most efficiently with the least expenditure of energy. This will at some point endanger the whole of the world…”