EP78 of The John1911 Podcast

This is a little but different version of the normal podcast. As you may be aware, we are still building out the new range facilities. So while Freeze and I were headed back in, we recorded an episode in the truck.

With all the accompanying distractions and noise one might expect when driving the Pork-Chop-Express on a Friday evening.


  • Range Build-out Update
  • The Hudson H9 is shipping.
  • Some fool is mud testing the Hudson H9.
  • More proof the 1911 industry will collapse: $10k Ed Brown.
  • We have solved the steel target stand problem.
  • Freeze closes down a liquor store for USMC B-day.
  • The positive side of breaking guns.
  • What we will and won’t do for views.

Marky & Freeze


“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”


  • Yes, really. Someone out there is taking a Hudson H9 and dropping it in the mud to see what happens. On one level I get it. I do. I really, really do.

    But on another level, are we really looking at qualifying a pistol as “duty ready” or are we being trolled by the biggest know-nothings in the industry? Not being ugly. Not attacking anyone personally.

    But at some point people are going to have to step back from some of this kind of content and ask, “What are we really doing here? Why are these people making videos showing this? And even more importantly, why are we watching it?”

    Now speaking for myself so I can with some authority. If the internet is legacy. If the internet is forever, do I want the high water mark of my firearms ability to be a 5-gallon bucket and a muddy gun? How many years does one have to work to accomplish that?

    Food for thought. Nothing more.

    “Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • Brennen Munro

    You guys just keep shooting what you have, post it if you want too, and keep sharing good information with those of us who want it… as for the others, they can go back to their circle jerks on the forums.


    • I’ve had to run a few of them off. Everybody is welcome here. I’d rather have a bunch of noobs who want to learn, than a bunch of snobs who think their shit doesn’t stink.

      Forums are good for one thing: individual data points you might be seeking. After that, back out.


  • Brennen Munro

    Also wanted to share that I have Rock Island Arsenal .45 and it has been an absolute pleasure to shoot. I have had zero issues with it, I have had some magazine issues with the first round on some mags trying to nose dive, but no performance issues with the pistol itself. It has between 1.5 and 2 thousand rounds through it. I even had someone with real time behind a pistol accuse me of having had a trigger job done on it when he was shooting it one day. Maybe I was just lucky enough to get a real gem, I just purchased it because it was affordable, (about $350.-) and I just wanted a .45 to shoot without spending college fund kind of money on. And if something does break I will not feel like it is the end of the world. I will just buy the parts and fix it. Freeze was bang on correct about them being solid frames and slides, I was just lucky that the internals were also pretty solid in mine.


    • It’s amazing what putting 3000 rounds through a firearm does as a “trigger job”.