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EP93 – Dick’s AR-15 Lie, WWI 1911, Selfish Suicide, Spiderman gets 150 years

On this episode of the John1911 Podcast, Freeze is in front of his computer with a good microphone, but I (Marky) am mobile. So my audio sounds a little tinny. I apologize and will work to solve that going forward.



The Dick’s “cut up AR story” is a lie
I have never seen a John Wick movie.
When we were kids, a Rambo knife was THE thing.
SHS video series: a 1918 Colt 1911.
How not to get ripped off when buying a S&W 1911.
R. Lee. Ermey passes.
The Art Bell – Alex Jones connection.
David Buckel – Example of a crazy, selfish suicide.
Glenn Beck has to sell his jet, running out of money.
SlideFire bump-stock announce their closure date.
My spidey-sense: pedo Spiderman gets 150 years.
Charlize Theron threatens to leave US (really CA).




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