Episode 30 of the John1911 Podcast

Episode 30 of the John1911 Podcast is live. You can listen to it here or on iTunes.


Episode 30 of the John1911 Podcast. We discuss the following:

  • Terror attack in Orlando is an act of war.
  • The Left chooses Jihad over gays.
  • The No Fly list is a lie.
  • Sen. Joe Manchin hates “due process”.
  • Man threatens Trump with stolen guns.
  • Army drops the M4A1+ program.
  • SOCOM RFP for US made AK-47.
  • EU moves to ban black powder weapons.
  • We are giving away 10 M3 Pmags!



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  • Brennen Munro

    Just had the chance to listen to the broadcast, congrats on it being the 30th! It has been a shit filled week with the Orlando attack, and then the Dems attacking all things gun. People just do not realize just how bad things are going to get here with as many Haji go Booms as we have running around here in the USA. It sucks.
    I understand better now about why the Mosin Sniper was such a headache for you. People are assholes.
    I have never posted pictures of my EDC, but I do make sure that I am going out armed.
    Good job guys and thanks!


    • Thanks, Brennen. I was pretty frustrated when we recorded that podcast. It’s just amazing that every single one of these events is spun as something else.

      It’s almost like the book 1984.

      The American media is intentionally not reporting how the gay bar shooting is being discussed in the Middle East.

      But it’s disgusting. There are hundreds of millions of Peaceful, moderate Muslims who are cheering the attack.

      We should declare war against ISIS and treat symthpathizers as enemy agents and illegal combatants under the rules of war.


      • Brennen Munro

        Your frustration is also running through the veins of most everyone that I know, and they too are wondering when the rest of America is going to wake up to the fact that all those “peaceful muslim millions” hate everything about our way of life here. No matter how the government or the media tries to spin this, it was not an attack on gays, it was an attack on what this latest muslim terrorist percived as a soft target.

        I worked in the middle east, also north Africa, in both those places with areas that are quite large, it was only the peace loving millions of the islamic faith who were trying to kill me. I have known the truth for a very long time. Force is the only thing that is repected in that culture, and sadly that is the very thing that our government seems to be incapable of finding the back bone for.

        We are in a shooting war that holds our very exhistence in the balance. Now is the time to kill this cancer, and if not then we can only hold ourselves responsible for when it grows to the point that the life of the patient is in doubt. Guns and bombs are not the main wepons in use. They are openly trying to out breed everyone of anglo-european desent, and they are winning on this front by the millions. While we use abortion as a means of birth control for the unwanted, they use their excess millions as mindless warriors willing to strap on explosives all for the hollow promise of virgins in a paradise that is much better than their shitty lives here.

        It is a sad damn day when the government and the media has worked hand-in-hand to make our citizens more afraid of gun owners than of very real and very determined terrorist.

        Sorry for the rant…


        • Outlaw

          Pretty much nailed it Munro. Rant on!!!

        • I agree with outlaw. You pretty much nailed it.