Episode 38 of the John1911 Podcast

  • The Glock 17M recalled. Slides falling off.
  • S&W has a new M&P 2.0 pistol?
  • NYT calls for censoring Hillary Health Searches.
  • Under Armor is Anti-Hunting.
  • The Story of 4-Gun Charlie.
  • Facebook Goes After Gun Parts Company.
  • Face eating in Florida. Again.
  • Dove Hunting in September.
  • The internal numbers don’t look good for Trump on 8/23/16.



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  • Brennen Munro

    #38 in the can! I think all of us know at least one 4Gun Charlie, and how they can get through life without getting themselves killed is a mystery to me. I think we are just going to have to make the decision on where we stand on guns, and what are we willing to do about it when they say we have to give them up. I know where I stand.
    I was reading about the “face eating” guy, and how it took 5 or so cops to subdue him and how he was growling and had his teeth locked onto his victims face. Why did they not just put a bullet into his head? I am pretty sure he would have turned the dudes face loose after getting one to the brain…
    Enjoy your dove hunt guys! I have not gone wing shooting in years. I remember stepping in a chuckhole once when out hunting… don’t do that!
    Thanks for keeping us up to date.


    • Thanks for checking in, Munro!


      • Ed Crawford

        4 gun Charlie is a damn joke and barely qualified to carry my range bag. Sincerely, Seven gun Stevie.