Episode 59 of the John1911 Podcast is now live. 


  • CMP is getting Garands from the PI.
  • Youtube Drops the demonetization Hammer.
  • Don’t use JB Weld on your rifles.
  • UK tank collector finds gold bars in Russian T54 Tank.
  • Ultimate prank: Tornado sirenes hacked in Dallas.
  • Susan Rice is worth 50 million dollars?!?
  • Blaser Tactical 2 / LRS rifles available as police trade-ins.


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  • We get through the coffee conversation pretty quick. FYI.



  • Jeff

    It’s not just gun sites on YouTube. This guy Wranglerstar, his videos too.It’s homesteading, gutting trees/lumber, woodworking, and what not. VERY few gun stuff, less then a % of all his videos. BUT, … he is a Christian, NOT preachy but he does have “Manly Manners” on some of his endings that are basically that… manners. He read them from a book printed in like the 30’s.
    He even did a video about it.

    • Hmmm….I wonder if individual videos of his have been demonetized? Or if all his videos? Or if he is just not making much money since ALL the ads dollars are way down?

      You see…they are demonetizing individual videos. Not whole channels.

      Also…everyone who was making money has had their dollars cut by at least half. That has nothing to do with demonetization directly. That has to do with the Youtube AD market collapsing since over 1 billion is ad revenue pulled out.

      I could be wrong on the billion part. But it’s A LOT.