EP77 of the John1911 Podcast is now Live

Episode 77 of the John1911 Podcast is now Live

  • 5000 Yard / 2.84 Mile Record Shot.
  • The BREN Rifle Beat Down Update.
  • Range Update: Pallets and Spools in Place.
  • FN Issues Mandatory 249s Recall. Rumor is Bumpfire.
  • Freeze’s Father to use SKS for Deer.
  • Urban Carry Sends Gifts. What’s in the Box???




Marky & Freeze


“Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

  • Mark Cameron

    Cows’ revenge – tipping your steel targets – I love it!

    • And it’s all true. It’s almost like they go after them like it’s personal. There will be hoof marks all over them. And the targets will be sunken into the ground.

      Never seen anything like it before.


      • Mark Cameron

        All the bs about cow tipping probably made it personal. Still pretty funny!

        Good luck finding ‘cow proof’ targets.

      • Chris Weber

        Can you fence around the targets just a small area? Like 5’x5′? A couple T posts and a couple strands of barb wire would keep the cows off. Even if you have to shoot through two or three strands of wire like they aren’t there, is it a problem? How often will you hit the wire? Would it even break? I dunno, just an idea though.

        • Interesting idea. This farm won’t have any cows on it. So the knock-down issue should be resolved. —Marky

  • Here is a pic of the 5000 yard shot guys. Notice the steel targets behind them. That is what we are thinking is needed at our 1000 yard range.