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There have been rumors floating around for a few weeks that the French Military had chosen the HK416 (piston AR) over the FN SCAR-16 as their next service rifle. I haven’t commented on it publicly since frankly, I have zero connections in the French Ministry of Defense. Hell! Is that what it is even actually called?

See what I mean?

FAMAS Bullpup Rifle

FAMAS Bullpup Rifle

Well…now it seems multiple reputable sources in Europe are reporting that France has selected the HK. Or maybe it’s “down-selected” the SCAR? However you want to put it, the deal seems to be done. As long as FN doesn’t win their assumed appeal.

What does this mean for the US Military?
Later model of FAMAS Rifle in Africa.

Later model of FAMAS Rifle in Africa.

Not too much. At least at first. But it’s a big win for HK and might be a sign of things to come. Recall, not too long ago, the Brits selected the Glock 17 to be their next service pistol. And while the UK MOD (I do know their name!) isn’t what it once was, when the US Army picks Glock to replace the Beretta, the connection is inevitable.

And let us not forget, SOCOM runs the HK416’s quite a bit, and the USMC has selected the piston driven HK, M27, as a supplement to the SAW.

Will the US DOD (I’m on a roll now!) switch to the HK416 sometime in the next 10 years? Time will tell. But consider this, France is a “major” Western military power. They are engaged in combat operations around the world. There’s nothing like 10 years of combat deployments to (Horn of Africa, Astan, Syria, West Africa, Libya, Lebanon, etc) give the HK the desired “battle tested” reputation it needs.

French Solider with FAMAS

French Solider with FAMAS in Africa

As much as the SOCOM fan-boys might be butt-hurt by my last statement, the fact remains big armies work and think very differently than “operators”. Congratulations, HK. This is a feather in your cap. Now just don’t screw it up!

But this article is about the FAMAS
FAMAS in training. I love gun forums who decry weapon wear. Stupid bitches.

FAMAS in training. I love gun forums who decry weapon wear. Stupid bitches.

I have always been very interested in the FAMAS rifles. Not because I particularly care for bullpup’s, I actually don’t. But the FAMAS has always had a certain type of “distance value” for me. I only ever see them when traveling. They seem exotic and different. And I would LOVE to have one. Even in semi-auto.

So…I am going to be the first to go publicly on record. Dear Century Arms, please do what you can, when you can, to get semi-auto FAMAS or FAMAS parts kits into the United States. I would love to have one and would pay a pretty penny for the privilege. As would many of my peers.

FAMAS Rifle on the streets of Europe.

FAMAS Rifle on the streets of Europe.

Do I expect them to be great sellers to the masses? No. But don’t ignore this fact. The US firearms market has grown to be quite sophisticated since the import bans of 1989. If by some miracle you are able to convince the French government to surplus some of them out, I know in my heart of hearts you would sell every last one of them stateside.

Every. Single. One.

That’s what FAMAS acronym stands for: every, single, one.

Don’t doubt me.

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